Drapery & Window Treatment Cleaning in Scarborough, ME and Surrounding Communities

Have you been putting off drapery cleaning because of the inconvenience? Your worries are over. You can have your draperies or other window treatments professionally cleaned by your Duraclean specialist right in your own home or place of business. Just think of the benefits. You don't have to take down the draperies and then cart them off to the dry cleaners. No fish-bowl effect of windows without coverings. Your Duraclean specialist cleans them right on the window so you don't loose privacy or security. Draperies and other window treatments are cleaned (usually dry-cleaned) without shrinkage using only the finest and freshest cleaning solutions leaving no residue. They dry the same day.

In-Home (On-Site) Drapery Cleaning Service
Many people never would have thought that their draperies could have been cleaned in the home. They thought that the best way to clean draperies was to send them out for cleaning to a dry-cleaning plant. Although in some cases, this could be an effective strategy depending on the degree of soiling and condition of the fabric. But most draperies need not be put through such extreme cleaning. Losing their privacy and security or the attractiveness of their covered windows for several days while draperies are cleaned need be considered. Even heat loss or gain through uncovered windows can be a deciding factor.

Shrinkage and color loss sometimes occur in plant cleaning, and re-hanging properly is always a potential problem. Draperies that are weakened or deteriorated due to age, sun exposure or soiling may not stand up to all the handling involved in off-site cleaning. The draperies have to be taken down, transported, immersed in dry cleaning solvent or tumbled in powder, pressed and folded, re-pinned and re-hung.

Duraclean's on-location cleaning solves these problems because draperies don't have to be removed from their rods for thorough cleaning. There is virtually no over handling of the material. The cleaning solution is simply sprayed into the fabric and is extracted along with the released soil. Lined draperies are usually unhooked and folded back or replaced with the lining side facing into the room, clamped in place and cleaned in the same manner. Hooks aren't removed and re-hanging is not involved.
It's a fact that periodic cleaning can extend the life of your valuable draperies by removing potentially damaging soil and pollutants. Removing pollutants also helps improve your home or business's air quality.

Advantages and Services Include:
  • No Take-down or Rehanging Hassles
  • No Bare Windows
  • Valances & Cornices Cleaned
  • Cleaned on the Window
  • Vertical Blinds Cleaned
  • Same-Day Use
Drapery Cleaning - Fabric Cleaning Service in Scarborough, ME
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