Drapery & Window Treatment Cleaning in Scarborough, ME and Surrounding Communities

Have you been putting off drapery cleaning because of the inconvenience? Your worries are over. You can have your draperies or other window treatments professionally cleaned by your Duraclean specialist right in your own home or place of business. Just think of the benefits. You don't have to take down the draperies and then cart them off to the dry cleaners. No fish-bowl effect of windows without coverings. Your Duraclean specialist cleans them right on the window so you don't loose privacy or security. Draperies and other window treatments are cleaned (usually dry-cleaned) without shrinkage using only the finest and freshest cleaning solutions leaving no residue. They dry the same day.
It's a fact that periodic cleaning can extend the life of your valuable draperies by removing potentially damaging soil and pollutants. Removing pollutants also helps improve your home or business's air quality.

Advantages and Services Include:
  • No Take-down or Rehanging Hassles
  • No Bare Windows
  • Valances & Cornices
  • Cleaned on the Window
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Same-Day Use
Drapery Cleaning - Fabric Cleaning Service in Scarborough, ME
Contact Tom at (207) 839-3712 to request his cleaning services for your window treatments.