Upholstery Cleaning in Scarborough, ME and Surrounding Communities

Nowhere do you make more direct physical contact in your home than with your upholstered furnishings. Dust mites, pollution from outside air sources and allergens (from pets) deposited on these surfaces can result in ill health effects for you and your family; especially those family members with allergies. Duraclean extracts these soils and pollutant sources from your upholstered furnishings safely and completely using specialized equipment and gentle yet effective environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Even traditionally hard-to-clean and sensitive dry clean only upholstery fabrics can be cleaned with Duraclean's cleaning technology.

Duraclean, a leader in the upholstery cleaning field for over 80 years, has developed their processes through exhaustive research. Maximum soil moisture and allergen removal with minimum moisture lets you use your furniture often times the same day. No wonder many leading furniture retailers recommend Duraclean exclusively for the cleaning of their customers' new furniture.

On-Location (On-Site) Upholstery Cleaning Services
Finding the right furniture cleaner can be so important. Technically, upholstery fabrics can be very challenging and difficult to clean properly. This is why not many carpet cleaners even do this service or may not do it well if they do. There are so many liabilities cleaners need to consider; shrinkage, color loss, color bleed, water rings, and wicking. No wonder most furniture cleaners only clean the easy fabrics! This is where Duraclean's extensive knowledge base in cleaning different upholstered fabrics can be very valuable to you.

Careful attention to detail is paramount in cleaning fabrics especially sensitive furniture fabrics. Time and considerable effort needs to be expended on these types of fabrics. This is not something a cleaning company should rush through.

Are the cleaning solutions used gentle yet effective for the situation at hand? Are any stains on the fabric cleanable or are they permanent? If permanent, can something be done to lessen it without causing more of a problem? What extraction tool should be used to effectively clean the fabric without leaving excessive moisture that can potentially create another problem? These are just some of the questions, depending on the fabric type, that need to be addressed by the professional doing the cleaning.

So, as you can see, cleaning upholstery fabrics may not be as straight forward as one may be led to believe.

Duraclean uses better cleaning chemistry to safely remove soils and spots. We use softened water to increase cleaning efficiency and leave a soft feel to the fabric. Colors are revived. Staining that is considered permanent can sometimes be improved or even modified to not show at all. Fabrics (if not too worn or stained) can be renewed. High efficiency extraction tools are used to flush away the soiled solution, removing much more moisture than standard upholstery cleaning tools. Upholstery fabrics dry quickly and completely.
  • All Types of Fabrics Cleaned
  • Certain Leather Furniture Cleaned
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Kid & Pet Safe
  • Totally “Green” Cleaning Available
  • Patented Processes
  • Attention to Detail
  • Specialized Spot & Stain Removal
  • Fabric Protectors
  • Deodorizing
  • Cleaning Solutions for the Allergy and Chemical Sensitive
Living Room - Fabric Cleaning Service in Scarborough, ME
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