Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Scarborough, ME and Surrounding Communities

Many floor surfaces contain cracks, pores, dents and irregular surfaces that trap soil thus defying removal from ordinary cleaning procedures.

Make a Difference with Superior Cleaning Results!

Duraclean's Extraction Processes cleans deeply removing these soils for a ‘squeaky clean' floor surface. This extends the floor's lifespan delaying high replacement or refinishing costs.

Preserve and Protect with a Super-Tough Finish!

Now that your floor is thoroughly cleaned, protect it from spills, soil, minor scratches, heel marks, etc. while rejuvenating the sheen.

  • Wood Floors
  • Laminate Floors
  • Tile & Grout Floors
  • Slate Floors
  • Smooth Concrete
  • Vinyl and No-Wax Floors
  • Linoleum, Rubber, Cork
Floor Cleaning - Fabric Cleaning Service in Scarborough, ME
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